Meet Sandra

As a busy entrepreneur and mom-on-the-go, Sandra understands the demand of modern life and the importance of how looking your best can help you be show up as your best self. While juggling corporate contracts with her cleaning business, young children, community initiatives and more . . . she started to notice how often she was leaning on a pair of sunglasses to complete her looks.

"I had one pair for the kids' sports events, another pair for business meetings, and a pair in my purse for brunch with my friends," Sandra recalls. All of the different pairs of sunglasses helped her realize how much of herself she was giving to so many areas of life and to so many people who depended on her. She committed to take better care of herself and to take more ownership of her busy schedule. She also launched this dream business to build on a passion of hers . . . helping people remember to put themselves on their own to-do lists AND to help them look their best while they do.


Sandy and her youngest son, Maxwell